#WatchOut: Top 4 Business Analytics Intelligence Trends 2019

#WatchOut: Top 4 Business Analytics Intelligence Trends 2019

The data collected from all industry verticals is immense, encompassing and versatile. We need superior data analysis techniques and ace data implementation processes. Within the last few years, we’ve seen how big data analytics trends have changed and got better and smarter.


Previously, data analytics or big data tools were only reserved for big businesses – they were the only ones who could afford such expensive technologies. Fortunately, things are shaking up – the scope of business analytics has broadened and now small and medium scale enterprises too can leverage this wonder tool and reap interesting business insights.


Below, we’ve chalked down top 4 business analytics intelligence trends 2019 – they offer tremendous opportunity for growth and expansion in the field of analytics. Check them out now.

Explainable AI Will Automate Decision-Making

There is a rise in human dubiousness about the credibility of model-driven suggestions. More and more companies are relying on machine learning and use of AI for data-driven decision-making. But, we’re seeing that myriad ML applications fail to offer a transparent way to peep into the algorithms that influence recommendation and business decisions.


This urge for transparency will boost development of explainable AI in the next year. The mantra behind this is that if you can pose doubts against human cognizance the why not apply the same on machines when making decisions?

More Organizations Will Adopt Data Analytics but Not in Isolation

Data scientists need to play with data. They gain access to data and take necessary actions – all within a single workflow. In 2019, companies are going to use data analytics in large numbers and where it’s actually needed rather than using it in isolation. Embedded analytics, APIs, mobile analytics and dashboard extensions are raging hot. And 2019 will see more of them.


The notable advancements are expected to meet the needs and requirements of myriad business teams and empower audiences worldwide with on-demand data in context.

Companies Are About To Get Smarter About Analytics

Just providing access to suave BI solutions isn’t akin to adoption. Chief data officers are re-evaluating their roles in BI adoption and implementation. BI adoption is crucial for modernization – because the true value of a solution is not measured by the strategy you implement but how your workforce leverages it and impacts the business. As a matter of fact, the presumption that everyone is deriving optimum value from BI platforms just because they have easy access to it is actually often the biggest impediment to real growth in analytics.

Evolution of Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Nowadays, Natural Language Processing (NLP) aids computers to decipher the intricacies of human language. More BI vendors are about to incorporate NLP into their platforms. It will provide them with a natural language interface for greater visualizations. On the other hand, natural language is gaining momentum to boost analytical conversation – it is best defined as a conversation between a human and a system about data.


No wonder, NLP will bring forth a paradigm shift in the way people interact with data – it will surely empower people to delve deeper into data and ask more relevant questions.


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