What Are the Pre-Requisites to Learn Data Analytics

What Are the Pre-Requisites to Learn Data Analytics

Data analytics help businesses derive crucial insights from humongous data resources. Organizations, people and machines today produce and generate massive amounts of data.


Cloud applications, machine sensor data and social media – are a few examples.


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However, are you wondering about how to become a professional data analyst? What are the ways in which you can imbibe these in-demand skills and shoot for the stars?


For that and more, here is what you need to learn and implement:


Numbers and more numbers! Data analytics is all about number game. If you love to play with numbers or with algebraic functions, you are home. Nevertheless, if you are not game for numbers, you should be willing to learn new things and be eager to learn new tech skills and expertise. This kind of positive attitude will help you cope up with random changes in data analytics and management.


MS Excel is one of the most popular business applications used by data analysts all over the world. Though you might be excelling on any specific in-demand skill – like data visualization, data mining or statistical application – but remember to develop such skills, you have to learn Excel beforehand. All these skills are learnt through the Excel platform.


Start learning the basics of Excel, such as formula bar, workbooks, worksheets and ribbon, followed by complex functions, like sum, average, if, vlookup, max and min and so on. Later, try your hands on regression analysis and chi-square distributions.


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Basic SQL

No wonder, Excel is a wonder tool to slice and dice your data, but who lets you collect and store this data in your computer system?! It’s Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS) – SQL Server, MySQL, MS Access are some of the best tools for data collection. Learn the intricacies of SQL (Structured Query Language) and master RDBMS – learn to use the following commands and statements mentioned below:


  1. Select
  2. From
  3. Where
  4. Group By
  5. Having
  6. Order By

Along with mastering the basic SQL commands, you should try to gain knowledge about how to use foreign keys, primary keys and candidate keys within DBMS’.

Basic Web Development

What, you must be thinking what web development has to do with data analytics! But, trust us, when we say that web developing skill adds that bonus point to your flourishing career in data analytics. If you look forward to work for IoT companies or consumer internet companies, including AWS, Microsoft Azure and IBM, you need to master internet programming tools, like JavaScript, HTML and PHP.


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