Recent SAS Release Offers New ML and NLP Software to Boost Business Results

Recent SAS Release Offers New ML and NLP Software to Boost Business Results

SAS, a leading platform in analytics helps develop cutting-edge artificial intelligence solutions. The company is relentlessly trying to make it easier for customers to build efficient solutions by leveraging text analytics, machine learning, deep learning, statistics and forecasting. Its latest release includes a brand new attribute, SAS Visual Text Analytics as well as a few consequential enhancements to machine learning and SAS visual data mining. Both these modifications take advantages of new potentials available in SAS Viya.


Some of the biggest adopters of SAS Viya are Cisco, Klingel Group, American Red Cross and Munich Re.

What’s New?

  1. SAS Visual Text Analytics collects value from unstructured data – thanks to the consolidated effort of Machine Learning, NLP and Linguistic Rules. It looks into myriad business challenges across diverse verticals, including assessing fraud and risk factors, interpreting notes, managing inventory and leveraging customer feedback for prior problem detection.

  3. Contextual extraction, sentiment analysis, text mining, categorization and search within robust and flexible framework are some of the notable capabilities of SAS. The advanced software lets users prepare data for analysis, helps them visually discover topics, construct text models and deploy them within same business processes or existing structures. Predefined templates are used to quickly analyze humongous amounts of data and incorporate output of text analysis with other incredible forecasting techniques and machine learning software.

  5. The latest version of SAS Visual Data Mining and Machine Learning provides an end-to-end visual environment that encompasses diverse aspects of deep learning and machine learning – right from data wrangling to deployment and cutting-edge model building. To solve crucial business questions and support an efficient use of valuable data, in-memory, distributed processing is the key. It is compatible with programming languages, such as R and Python.

  7. One of the most scintillating features of the latest SAS release is the web interface that’s known to unify the whole analytics life cycle, letting cross-divisional teams to join forces. A single visual interface supports all sorts of activities, right from data preparation to model building exploration to interactive discovery.

“With SAS combining advanced analytics, model deployment, data preparation and visualization into one platform, users are now able to go through all the stages of the analytics process without the need to switch from software product to product,” says Dan Vesset, Group Vice President for Analytics and Information Management Research at IDC. “After previewing the SAS Platform updates, incorporating the latest statistical, machine learning, deep learning and text analysis algorithms and supporting open source languages, it’s apparent that SAS is going to continue as a leading analytics as well as cognitive/AI platform provider for years to come.”

A Brief Note on SAS

In the world of analytics, SAS is the final word. With the help of advanced software and prompt services, SAS inspires and empowers customers to transform data into insights. SAS is known to give you the power of intelligence.


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