#Learn&Empower: Things to Know About Ethical Hacking and Cyber Crime

#Learn&Empower: Things to Know About Ethical Hacking and Cyber Crime

Digital vulnerabilities are spiking up. No more, there is a ‘possibility’ but an absolute ‘surety’ that you will fall prey to cyber crime or some kind of hacking. This is what industry experts and business honchos say.


2018 has been notoriously famous for increasing number of data breaches. Though awareness about cyber crimes and risks are spreading far and wide, the total value of penalties levied by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) rose to just under £5 million in the 12 months to the 30th of September 2018, up 24% from £4 million the year before.


However, amidst such risk and uncertainty crippling the data world, we’ve some good news – not all hackers are destined to harm you or your business. Ethical hacking is on the rise. Cyber Security & Ethical Hacking Training in Kolkata helps teach interested candidates how to protect organizations from advanced cyber crimes and to earn a livelihood out of it. This new profession is gaining accolades from the masses, and it’s about time you start considering re-evaluate your career plans.


But, of course, ethical hackers are difficult to spot. A huge shortage of trained cyber security experts plagues the market at this moment. No wonder, the demand for ethical hackers are high, which is reflected in high salary offerings, but unfortunately, demand outweighs the present supply. And that needs to be changed but how!

Who Are Ethical Hackers and Why Are They so Popular?

All throughout the media channels and others, the term ‘hacker’ has been used quick and loose. The term attracts instant bad vibes, and it’s just not fair.


On a serious note, the term hacker is interestingly broad – though some falls under the tag ‘criminals’ but not all. A hacker is a regular person who is obsessed over technical glitches and tries to fix them out of unadulterated interest. He can be anyone from any field, but with a knack for technology.


Precisely, ethical hackers are the ones who leverage fairly the techniques used by nefarious hackers to identify weak links within an organization’s cyber security and applies that knowledge prudently to strengthen the defenses. They are the best ones to steer through the organization through diverse aspects of digital security and develop business more resistant to such attacks.

Certification and Training

Ethical hacking is still at a nascent stage. It is still developing the quintessential professional defenses and breakthroughs that other professions already have.


Nevertheless, a lot many new age training programs are available on this in-demand skill development. They effortlessly train you how to unravel the bugs within the structure and build strong network defenses to stop future attacks.


TechTree India offers top of the line cyber security & ethical hacking training in Kolkata – though a degree matters, industry-recognized certificate courses are a thing now! Commit yourself to hard work and gain a true qualification in the nuanced field of ethical hacking and cyber security.


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