Download Now: 5 Most Amazing Android Apps 2019

Download Now: 5 Most Amazing Android Apps 2019

Have an Android smartphone?

You will now need a host of of-essence apps to efficiently store all your files, stream movies, support reading, and more. We have handpicked some of the best Android apps that can fulfil all these tasks and more: scroll ahead.


For seamless file syncing to and from portable devices, Dropbox packs a punch. Compatible with almost every OS, including iOS, macOS, Windows and definitely Android, it lets you gain access to any file anytime anywhere. The free plan lets you enjoy up to 2GB of free storage, however, if you need more space, you can sign up for premium plans, which starts from $10 per month for 1TB of storage.


Sucker of online articles? The Pocket app helps you save articles on the go from any browser, irrespective of whether you use a tablet, computer or phone. You can read them at your free time from an Android app. In fact, you can sync the items and use them later when offline.


The best feature is, however, its ad-free service to ensure a clean reading experience free of any distractions. Though the mind-blowing app is completely free, to enjoy extra facilities, like auto-tagging and advanced search, you have to shell out $5 as a monthly subscription fee.


There are many rave photo editing apps in Android but we vouch for Snapseed: it not only lets you enjoy the perks of an image-tweaking tool but also helps you with editing jobs, like removing objects and brightening colours.  Intensive photo editing, tweaking effects or applying filters in seconds – Snapseed is all at your service with its wealth of features!


Now developed by Google, Snapseed is completely free for use!


The keyboard in your Android smartphone might just be working fine but for a more enhanced typing experience, you need SwiftKey. It understands the phrases, nicknames and slangs and improves text prediction and auto-correct abilities. If you like swiping rather than tapping, it picks up that too and helps you type quicker.


What’s more, SwiftKey provides multiple language selection options, an exciting range of GIFS and emojis and lots of colour themes – that swank up your keyboard’s appearance!

Yes, it’s completely free for Android users!


If you are into streaming movies, TV series, music, photos and what not from your desktop to Android device, Plex is all you need. Just configure the app on your computer and then transfer any content from the hard drive to your phone – irrespective of where you are.


Again, the good news is that it lets you stream files to other computers for completely free of cost but it imposes some limits on file sizes when sending them to your Android phone, which can be solved if you avail its subscription offer. For that, you have to pay $5 per month.

Done ticking off the apps?

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