Top 5 Java Applications to Know About

Top 5 Java Applications to Know About

Developed in 1995, under the tutelage of Sun Microsystems, Java language is one of the most robust programming languages that serve as the backbone of hundreds and thousands of applications worldwide. That includes Android-based mobiles, enterprise solutions and embedded systems. At present, Java is run across more than 3 billion devices.


It’s an absolute Java emulation of an x86 PC equipped with 360-degree virtual peripherals. It can be run anywhere if you possess a JVM – be it a set-top box, x86, mobile phone, RISC, even a refrigerator. Yes, all this along with profound stability and high-end security of Java technology making it a perfect tool for archiving viruses, safeguarding your machine from malicious software applications and hosting honeypots.


A quaint Microsoft Office surrogate, ThinkFree is a compilation of ThinkFree Write (word processing), ThinkFree Calc (spreadsheet), and ThinkFree Show (presentation) applications. Together, they help you develop, edit and update your documents.  The interface is somewhat similar to Microsoft Office and it can also save in PDF format.


Written in Java, ThinkFree is run on Linux, Windows and Mac. Also, you get to explore a free online edition with storage capability up to 1GB.

JavaFX Script & JavaFX Mobile

JavaFX Script is a comprehensive elucidative scripting language that is soon expected to be developed into Java enabling ace Java developers and graphic designers create enhanced user interfaces as compared to Adobe Flash. Of late, key-frame animation support was introduced. It will act as an Adobe Illustrator plugin.


JavaFX Mobile is an all-encompassing mobile operating and application domain developed on Linux and Java open source platforms. It offers complete support to all Java ME applications and other customary Java APIs to construct and mechanize an array of latest and existing Java applications. As a result, it effortlessly brings an entire Java SE environment to mobile devices acing up the application game across the industry.

Project Looking Glass

An open source development project, Project Looking Glass is a ground-breaking initiative inspired by Sun Microsystems’ advanced technology project. It runs bleak existing applications in a 3D environment along with APIs for 3D window managers and application developers. Currently, application integration is run on platforms, including Linux and Solaris x86. The library support is available for Windows, Solaris and Linux.

Sun Spot

Petty, wireless and battery-empowered, Sun Spot device is one of the most innovative platforms in existence programmed in Java. The hardware platform is developed on a range of built-in sensors with the ability to link with external devices. Besides, the SPOT Development Kit consists of two complete, free-range Sun SPOTs (with processor, radio, sensor board and battery) and one base-station Sun SPOT (with processor and radio).


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