The Most Popular Languages to Learn in 2019

The Most Popular Languages to Learn in 2019

This year, developers are quite keen to learn open-source Python, Google-powered Go, Microsoft-hatched TypeScript and a budding new language, Kotlin, which creates Android apps.


If you are thinking of getting your hands on a good Python Programming Training in Kolkata, make sure you do it now. 2019 is the year you are going to witness the huge popularity of Python.


The above-mentioned findings are attributed to a developer organization HackerRank, which conducted an interesting survey asking 71000 developers which programming language they prefer learning in 2019 and what languages they already know. The results can be looked at in its 2019 Developer Skills Report.



Quite obviously, developed in 2017, Go by Google is the top language that developers want to learn this year, followed by Kotlin, Python and TypeScript. Also, Java, Swift, R and Scala are topping the developer’s list of learning new languages.


If you follow the developers’ interest, you wouldn’t be surprised to know that the popularity of TypeScript gained momentum in the last year. The language was created by Microsoft and it made its debut in 2012. The objective to hatch this language was to scale up JavaScript for fairly large applications etched by even larger teams of developers.


Interestingly, most of us believe that TypeScript’s accelerated popularity is largely due to the expansive knowledge of JavaScript. Also, several JavaScript frameworks are developed on TypeScript leading it to become one of the most sought after languages in 2019.


Now, talking about JavaScript, it was the most popular language in 2018 and was supported by more than 73% of developers worldwide. The other languages dominating the charts of 2018 include Java, C++, C, C#, TypeScript, Pascal, Python, PHP and Ruby.


However, despite the widespread popularity of JavaScript, the study conducted by HackerRank found out that only 42% of developers actually know the intricacies of the language. This is largely because JavaScript is not widely taught in computer science training and programs. As a result, most of the developers start learning it when start working.


HackerRank’s list of the most popular programming languages marked JavaScript on the top, while Python was found to be topping the Tiobe Index for 2018. No wonder, Python programming language is a simple and effective language to learn, and of course widely popular amongst the university students. Be it machine learning, web programming, scripting or scientific computing, Python knows how to deal with each of them and produce the best results possible.


Moreover, if you follow the trends, you will find that the usage of Kotlin, another cutting edge programming language touted as an alternative to Java is on a growth curve since it became the official language of developing Android apps.


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