6 Famous Software Applications Developed on Python

6 Famous Software Applications Developed on Python

Since its advent in 1991, Python programming language has been taking healthy strides in the domain of programming. Emphasizing tremendously on code readability and syntax following, Python is today’s most powerful and effective computer programming language. Businesses, big and small, both are relying on its incredibility, and because of its dynamic type system, minimum coding and automatic memory management features, Python remains a very popular choice for a variety of developers, and the trend is here to last.


Below, we’ve jotted down 6 of the most famous software applications that have been built on Python. Please take a look below.


Yes, the world’s most popular search engine, Google is powered by Python! The search engine giant uses Python as its mainframe foundation along with leveraging its prowess for numerous other apps in synchrony with the main site. The simplicity in which Google provides us with information would have been simply impossible without having Python at its core.


If you are a sucker of homemade but high-quality video streaming then YouTube, based on Python is your go-to site. Python, one of the most popular programming languages aided YouTube in integrating streaming videos inside its pages, coupled with the ability to embed quick information and like videos.


No wonder, YouTube is one of the most popular video sites in the world, and it runs on Python, a powerful programming language, dominating the internet since the 1990s.


Do you love taking pictures and posting them on Instagram? Then you should THANK Python! For sure, Instagram is one of the most powerful apps but it runs on Python. The cutting edge system allows users to browse through millions of pictures and post their own pictures without a single glitch. And all of this is only possible because of Python.


Of late, BitTorrent has undergone a lot of evolution but its foundation stone has always been Python. Being one of the largest databases for content, knowledge and media, BitTorrent has always been high on popularity. However, you wouldn’t have got hold of such humongous volumes of lectures or legal stuff that you download and enjoy from BitTorrent if Python wasn’t there.


Being a game-changer, Spotify took the entire music app thing to the next level. With it, you can stream innumerable amount of songs and music videos, while enjoying ad-free music. Now, whether you are curating your own playlist or listening to full songs of your choice, Python plays a huge role in making Spotify so fetching and on-point.


You know that Reddit is one of the biggest open communities across worldwide web, but what you don’t know is that it is built on Python. Whether you want to gain information about a particular topic or in need to raise awareness about something, Reddit is the place to be. Powered by phenomenal Python, Reddit stores millions of user names, segregates subreddits, uploads links to GIFs and awards gold to esteemed posters.


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