The Worst Possible Cyber Attacks of 2018

The Worst Possible Cyber Attacks of 2018

2018 has witnessed an exponential increase in the number of cyber attacks – and the count is almost infinite. The nature of each individual cyber attack is eccentric and unique with minimum similarity with the previous ones. From personal information to confidential business data, everything is under the scanner of hackers – continuous cyber threats endanger systems and devices, such as mobile phones, laptops and tablets that we use daily. Every device that is connected to the internet is at the mercy of hackers. With every social media site or app or website asking us to ‘Allow’ them to gain access to our gadget’s settings, messages or contacts – we, ourselves are letting them exploit us while falling in the line of vulnerability.


Below, we have culled out a quick list of some of the most eyebrow-raising cyber attacks of 2018 that targeted tech bigwigs, including Amazon and Facebook. Even, the Indian government had a tough time when a bunch of confidential data of the nation’s citizens was leaked. Scroll ahead.

February 2018

Victim: Under Armour

150 million records were hacked – including usernames, hashed passwords and email ids.

March 2018

Victim: Aadhar

1.1 billion records of individuals were compromised – the large-scale data leak included private and financial data of individuals.

Victim: Facebook (Cambridge Analytica)

87 million records were compromised – in which the hackers hacked into Facebook user’s account.

April 2018

Victim: British Airways

Data was compromised of a huge number of customers – from names and billing addresses to payment details and email ids – everything was at the stakes of the hackers.

May 2018

Victim: Dixons Carphone

Personal and payment details of 10 million records were compromised.

June 2018

Victim: My Heritage

92.2 million records were compromised – including email ids and scrambled passwords.

July 2018

Victim: Yale University

119 million records were compromised – names, social security numbers, DOBs, physical addresses and more.

August 2018

Victim: Air Canada

20000 records came under the hands of the hackers – notably the passport numbers of the passenger.

September 2018

Victim: Facebook

The tech giant’s network security was once again breached and 30 million records were compromised – including names, phone numbers, workplace addresses, cities, device types and more.

November 2018

Victim: Amazon

Not much information is available about this cyber attack; however, we do know that names and email addresses of buyers were compromised.

December 2018

Victim: Google Plus

Almost 52.5 million records of users were compromised – a bug in Google+ API was used to expose the private data


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