PHP or Node.js: Which is the Preferred Developers’ Language?

PHP or Node.js: Which is the Preferred Developers’ Language?

PHP is like a holy grail for web developers. Hundreds and thousands of websites run on PHP on the servers. Several Content Management Systems (CMS), such as Drupal, Joomla and WordPress are still entirely developed on PHP. Undeniably, all of this inspires the freshers and newbies to learn PHP and ace backend development through this language.


Conversely, a recent report highlights the exploding popularity of a different server-side language, known as Node.js. Day by day, developers are shifting their gaze towards this new budding language for their backend requirements. Though PHP is the cornerstone of web development, the new language is expected to draw new changes to the industry.


The developers who were comfortable with PHP were not completely unaware of Node.js’ efficiency and quick response. They have already been using JavaScript as the scripting language, but now, as the focus is intensely on single-page web apps, the developers are keen to use Node.js language in the hope of something better.


According to a recent survey, developers, who have been using Vue.js JavaScript framework for years are now shifting their focus towards Node.js than PHP for backend development.


If you go by the statistic, you will find out that according to the State of JavaScript 2018 report, Node.js was used by almost 63% of developers while PHP was used by 50%. Besides, there are many other reports that show the growing usage of Node.js and how it is influencing developers’ choice of tools and technologies.


Next, we want to discuss how the new language is being used all around. The survey says the developers are using Node.js mostly for designing web-apps and enterprise applications. The new language is witnessing fair popularity and is growing its horizons owing to its higher flexibility and wider utility in use-cases.


However, it won’t be prudent to take any decisions based on the above-said surveys. Basically, the problem with the above survey results is that the conclusion is solely based on the individual developer’s comfort zone with a particular programming language and most of them have primarily worked on JavaScript. Also, there it’s not mandatory that the companies are only relying on Node.js. They might be using for it for a few websites while leaving others for PHP.


As for endnotes, we can conclude that nearly one-third of developers use PHP and Node.js simultaneously. No wonder, PHP might be lagging behind, but when it comes to dependable backend languages, PHP still dominates the top 10 popular programming languages to learn list. The demand for PHP developers is not going to wither soon.


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