The Importance Of Ethical Hacking Certification In The Cyber Age

The Importance of Ethical Hacking Certification in the Cyber Age

Cyber age – that’s the term that perfectly describes our times.  Technology and internet are dominating every aspect of our lives. Every individual belongs to the internet community. Enterprises, blue-chip or small-scale, are constantly handling massive volumes of data. Protection of confidential information is like a basic necessity these days. But internet is a place filled with malicious users, threatening the safety of the data we work with. This is where cyber security comes in. Essentially, cyber security involves different kinds of measures taken to shield sensitive information online. This article focuses on ethical hacking, one of the key areas under cyber security.

What is Ethical Hacking?

Ethical hacking is basically the process of indentifying weaknesses and breaches within a network or system and taking steps to rectify the same. It is legalized hacking, carried out with the consent of organizations. Ethical hackers are good people of the hacking world, mainly working on penetration testing. Hence, they are also popularly known as ‘white hat hackers’.

Why is Ethical Hacking Training Necessary?

Cyber crimes, like ransomware, phishing and data breaches will keep going up. If your company is attacked, it will incur massive losses both in terms of money and status. Even top companies are ignorant of the fundamentals of data protection. Ethical hacking training provides the latest data security learning to employees, guaranteeing a safe working environment for the entire organization.

Rising Treat of Cyber Crime: Technology is developing with extraordinary speed. While innovation is essential for business growth, this also means that the criminal side is becoming more powerful. Offenders change their tactics depending on the occasion; their tricks are getting cleverer by the day. Cyber crooks pose as specialists we can confide in, in the process stealing personal data and accreditations.

Less income doesn’t keep away cyber offenders. Wherever they see weak protection, they use the opportunity to carry out their criminal activities. Hence, small or moderate sized companies are as susceptible to cyber crime as large organizations.

Employee Awareness: Employees are the most important players in ensuring cyber security. Often, they are the source of leaks. But if trained properly, they can spot phishing tricks in time, make sure that devices are password protected and raise alarm on noticing security failings. Many data breaches are the result of human error. Ethical hacking training can make employees the source of security rather than a risk to it.

Benefits of Ethical Hacking Certification:

  1. Highly admired career opportunities
  2. Learn to fight one of the most rampant crimes
  3. Lucrative jobs
  4. Global recognition
  5. Exposure to cutting-edge technology

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